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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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stores. if there's a complete ban it doesn't matter for this legislation but it's not universally accepted and especially raising the issues by other people in the neighborhood was rather disconcerting i guess. and thirdly the formula retail has no ability to effect even a local business that sells international or national good days. theory not going n that direction are we? i just purchased something on hayes street but it was an brrl brand and they having had more than one type of clothing brand who's name will be unmentioned at the moment but that store also carried other branded names
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and so somebody's looking for something they, go to local stores and find that >> that's bad if we start recycling what people sell. >> i want to add in expansion of the case studies. those are comparing other cities what they do and relative to store front size. that's not a question of banning the stores by getting realistic perimeters and hanging on specific neighborhoods and push back with choices in the city. however, it's the size and a physical appearance and the sameness is the trigger for the conversation we h have and i have to deter for the department
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to create criteria about what we want, too, and not want to use. that's what i saw what the casting of the study. i'm interested in getting informed on the legislation for the purpose it only expends protection ism which it can have on their own but we can't use that so we should move forward >> commissioners there's a motion to continue this indefinitely. we'll take this up first (calling names) so move forward commissioners that passes 4 to 3
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commissioners that will place you on item 14. for 2 hundred through 200 14th street with affordable housing draft eir. this is the civilization e - certification and the draft end on april 15th and the planning commission does not do the final eirs first year and the public comment portion of this calendared will be presented >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm rachel also with me are my
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colleagues. the item before us is a certification of a vital impact for the proposed 200 sixth street for the affordable housing. this is department case. very briefly the proposed policy will be demolition of the four store building with 67 affordable housing units and ground floor space. the copy of the draft certification and motion is before you. the draft eir was pushed on, 2013. the public hearing was held on april 4th, 2013. the public comment closed and the responses to documents was
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distributed on july, 2013. the responses in combination with the draft eir constituted final eir. we heard from speakers who opted the project. prior to my presentation i want to address the issues. some of the issues expressed the merits of the project although you may wish to take some comments into account. however, two environmental issues were raised regarding air and noise impact. both of those were determined to be less than a impact in compliance with the local ordinance. it's in sequa documents and m m
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rp by to briefly summarize n n o-2 addresses the control measures which includes using the equipment and the noise techniques and playing stationary equipment away from impact tools. i should note that the d b r i will require the materials prior to permit. at least thirty days prior to the noise generating activities will be posted at the site. the san francisco noise control ordinance restricts the time of construction and that aids the emission control construction
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equipment and the equipment has to be regulated. and this outlines the construction controls. as we found in the local recollections and implementation of mitigation measures would reduce the construction noise and air pollution. there's one other issue that is outside the issue of sequa is the director control issue regarding rodents. i want to mention it's outside of the scope but it's part of the construction plan submitted by general contractor. having addressed those matters i'd like to return to my presentation. the value of the proposed
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project is a sixth invaluable environmental impact that wouldn't be mitigated to a measurable impact. this has been a national historical district. this everybody else is not individually eligible for listings and is not a historical resource. this is in the draft eir. as a result, the commission need to look at approving the promise. at this time we have endeavored to provide all comments to the members of the historic preservation and no comment were received by the members of the
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public. the concerns about the xashlt of the proposed district they provided a design of the proposed building corresponds with the district. staff is in agreement with the materials provided. the historic preservation commission also asked for the specifics and the floor plans and the alternates. the details of the preservation materials were augmented to bring up more information. st. it should be noted that it's
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not a requirement under sequa. they must have a no project alternative and the alternative should have no impact on the proposed project. here with the occasion of the property building there ever the draft included a preservation alternative. a renovation on the ground floor. this would not result in an impact to the district, however, this z did not accommodate the preservation all of the evidence. it would maximum misses the impact. since the partial preservation
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alternative is not a partial alternatives and does not fall within the alternative it does not trigger the alternatives. the mitigation measure requiring the historic building survey both changes were addressed first, by adding the language of the photographer requirements and adding the language - the documents requirement for the demonstrative display. it's a requirement under the national policy act. the revisions do not identify any significant adverse environmental impact resulting from the project or the mitigation procedure and don't identify a new alternative that will reduce the impact.
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nor the information would alternate the provisions in the draft eir. excuse me. they don't trigger the need pursuant to the sequa guidelines. we believe therefore that the eir is adequate and provides the public with the information from sequa. on this basis we request that the commission adopt the legislation before you and see that theirs adequate and the procedures knee with the sequa guidelines and of the california code. this concludes my presentation unless the commissioners have any questions >> no public comment.
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>> commissioner. >> i have a question with regards to the exhibit. i think the way the response and comments is constructed now the required exhibit and interpreted program or whatever we're going to character it. i think one of the reasons is that the exterior doesn't afford let's say a proper way to display or mount whatever interpretative exhibit might be created; is that correct >> that's correct. >> but can that alternative still be included at this point
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or can it be considered? >> the question so provided an alternative mitigation measure? i think at the same time it would change the conditions of approval >> okay. >> so we can bring it up at project approval? >> yes, thank you. >> thank you. >> i think the document is adequate and accurate and i have some similar interests in the exploration of the preservation alternative but and other comments that's properly more inadequate taken but i move to
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certify. >> second. >> on that motion to certify the final environmental impact report (calling names) so move forward commissioners that motion passes 6 to zero. combinations that places you on items 15 abcries for additional use authorization and zoning administrator modification >> good afternoon president fong and commissioners. the project before you is for variances to demolish the existing building at 200 sixth
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street containing 26 dwelling units and approximately 20th century hundred squeegee restaurants space. and we have the building that will continue no off street parking and at least 29 bicycle parking spaces. it's commonly known as the hotel or the administration building because of the art installation and the furniture attached to the outside of the building. the building was damaged by a fire and the property was purchased through a eminent domain in order to put housing on the site. it was reviewed and the h p
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direction made specific design remittance and alternatively mitigation measures are in the reporting promising program to address the loss of the contributor building. the guidelines in the general plans states that the balance of the commercial district maybe threatened when establishments occupy commercial footage. and the staff has done a study and approximately 25 percent is for eating and drinking establishment that were we've received fourteen letters of sport from the neighborhood residents and varies organizations. and the department received no letters of opposition or
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concern. in order for the project to be approved it must have sequa approval and a mitigation monitoring and reporting program. the commission must also grant the demolition of 23 units in the c district. and a apartment was passed out and we have technical conditions and don't need a draft motion. it must be providing a rear yard and this will be for 24 dwelling
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units and to provide a portion of the ground floor lower then 10 feet. there are conditions based on the fact that the building is dilapidated and it is for the sole purpose of providing no housing. it's going a create an actual commercial space and will provide housing near the downtown. additionally nearly 50 percent of the units will be two or three bedrooms. it proposes a high quality of design that was vested by the development committee and the project is consistent with the planning code and the general plan
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>> commissioners i'm with mercy you housing. i think this project you probably know about this as much as any project that comes before you. we're very fortunate as i probably know the redevelopment agency worked on this project for literally decades. the sixth street was very instrumental and the planning and land staff have intense programs that have a sixth value to a lot of folks. we've done our best to address the retail presence, the ground
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floor activity ism but to have a respect for the people who ultimately are going to live in this building. we've had a lot of decisions to make along the way and i think this is as architecturally magnificent building and they'll comment on it in a positive way. when we get to the item i'll happy to speak to the commissioners requests around a plaque and a make people understand what's going on in the building that were we greatly appreciate our support. and i think you want to bring up the project architect? >> good afternoon.
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commissioners. just going to load up a pdf and walk you through the design.
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good afternoon, commissioners. we're first of all, truly honored to be involved in this project. it's a fantastic project and so that's been a delight working with the staff. when we first started working on this project we started working think the design. the uses of the street and the texture and the richness of the fabric that's there. viewing sixth street facing south along the hotel and on the left looking north along the street. it's a vibrant place and it's one of the 345eshg9 features and theix of building heats we've
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mapped it out vigorously and this is an imagine of the street marked no dark blue on the middle right but the two prominent sites is the ground floor arbitrate. the other is the mix of building heights it goes up and down. and with a lot of the that 2rib9 buildings being masonry. so those impacts of the affordable housing the vibrant mixes of uses arresting and the diversity of the fabrics. starting with the actual ground floor this is an incredibly wonderful impact. we have retail space that wraps around sixth street. we tried to anytime misses and
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we're trying to work hard and minimizing our gap in the streets. but the rest is retail frontage. we've worked with the leasing staff to make sure that is viable. at the corner it's a full height space up to 20 feet. that's a real fantastic designation plays. where the label says community room it's a lobby. so that's for the community entering the use by the public. on the outside of the believe we've basically looking at the nature of the fabric and weeping
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we've going to follow suit one mass which is taller on the corner of howard street and internal it has 2 to 3 bedrooms units. this is more articulated it has studios and on top of this is the roof garden. i'm trying to reconcile the demands of the neighborhood. this is showing from the oops corner which is the proposed project. you see the double heat of the project wrapping around sixth street it's shorter on sixth because we have a roof-deck and it's fantastic the sceney.
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this is back to the store front. you see the rooftop on top. the eastern neighborhood does have a robust space for open space speaker we're meeting the requirement in terms of open space so you see some of the balconies. and this is showing the retail frontage up close with a 20 edge on the corner down sixth street. this is the rib on landscape improvements long howard. the liveable is key those are rigorously laid out.
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starting with the corridor in the this and it has daylight in the end and rooms for exercise and laundry. i can see where the balconies are laid out on the left. so there's a good variety. on the right side you see the 9th floor deck. a community gardens and barbecue and gathering spaces as well looks toward the east. the view coming down howard you see the big 5 story opening and that's where it releases inside the building that's where the
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xrerg rooms are. the skin is we've had the opportunity to work with brick before and that's within the district. we're inspired by a lot of the brick building. so the image on the right shows up close it's contemporary. that's the presentation. thank you >> thank you. opening it up for public comment. ross brown. (calling names) in any order if you're ready.
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>> if your name's been called step up to the podium. >> all right. thank you. i'm the director of housing services for the art of the san francisco. we're the agency that will be providing services to the 14 units that are dedicated to the persons of disabilities. i want to give my support to the entire project. plus for disabled folks in prospective we found housing for two persons. so through fourteen units barely scratches the surface


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